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Is there justice?
There are laws. But justice? Oh, yes, we can talk about The Justice, which rules peoples lives - or at least tries to – “personified” by the Government.
But I don´t mean it!
No. This one we almost can touch - in a figurative way. But I am talking about justice in its purest form. Life's justice.
People often pray for it. They wait for it all their lives, in all aspects of it. It's the most desired item on someone's life and human beings even want it for each other.
That one.
I really can say there is no justice. No justice at all.

So, you have to learn how to deal with deceptions and desires that will never happen for you, even though they happened for your neighbour, that didn´t want any of that. What he wished so bad for, just happened to someone he knows, which thought it was a damn curse!
So life goes on. And insatisfied, indignant and unhappy people go on too.

That's it. I've said it! I hate to feel it, even to think about it and have to write it down to believe, but it's true. There is no justice for us.

I wanted to be on her shoes. I wish I was!
I wanted him to look at me like he looked at her and gave her a chance, the chance. I wanted him to desire to be beside me so much, so that he would make that huge effort as to travel so far and spend some money he doesn´t have, just to be with me, the way he did to her... And still… She doesn't care. She gave him up. Threw away him all. She used her time away from him not to think about him, waiting for him to come, possibly preparing some surprise. But, instead, she tried some other guys. Irresponsably. Stupidly.
Maybe she doesn't know the kind of man she is throwing away. Maybe she is just in one different phase of her life. One that doesn't have space for dating him for real.

Girl, how come?! He is the one! And he gave you a second chance. Maybe one real chance in a lifetime. He didn't gave the girl next door, some old girlfriend or me that chance. It was for you!
How come you didn´t see him? He suffered when he found out you didn't meant it for real. Yes, he did. But you will suffer even more. The day will come, when you will think back in time and see things differently. And regret it. I am sure you will regret it, girl. Believe me, it´s not a curse, but a fact.
I´ve been around too many men to know. I´ve known love, and devotion, and betrayal, and pain. I´m no better than you, but I see him. I saw him a long time ago too. And I wanted him back there. But, differently from you, I was never given a chance. And you… You had more than one chance with him. You could look him in the eye and be happy to be his woman, and to call him yours. I hate you for that. And I even hate you more because you are making him suffer now. Suffer for you??? Suffer for the love you didn't turn real for both of you??? What a waste! What a shame!

And the ironic thing is… that he is with me too. At the same time. Heart and mind with you, body and tenderness with me. And I, by his side in a way, watching this “thing” between you two disappear slowly. I was there, listening to him complain about your moral betrayal (because the carnal one he can forgive - he says). You had him in your house, in your bed, in your life - maybe forever - and you didn't give him the attention he deserved and expected.
His effort and his determination were not being corresponded. He was still alone, and being made a fool of. That isn't fair!

He is the most likable man I ever met. He is intelligent, fun, tender, handsome and a real gentleman. His education leads us to think he grown up in some castle, with people teaching him about how to become a prince. He knows how to treat a woman, how to deal with us. He reads our thoughts and tries, at all times, to do the right thing. He tried to make things right. (And, note this: he is a man!!!)
His touch can vary from lovely caresses to animal grabs, and from sweet smiles to indecently hot words… and woman, you'll love every minute.

No. No justice. I really should try to talk to that still woman's statue that wears a blindfold and is called symbol of justice, to ask for her help. I don´t know, maybe she, being a woman, therefore sensible and emotive, can figure out a way to bring justice to our lives. It's simple. All she has to do is open people's eyes to see what they have at the moment in their lives, and make them really give value to that, forgetting about other secondary needs, and being thankful to what they got or achieved.

It almost looks like a religion goal, and you can call it that way. It's my religion! I believe in justice. And, like everyone else, I'll be waiting for my time to have justice happening in my life. In the meantime, I will be happy with what I am enjoying and living now.
Second thoughts left for later.
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